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Planning the perfect fundraiser is easy at your local AMF. All you have to do is pick a date, decide on a price to charge each participant, show up and have fun. The way our fundraisers work, there are no overhead costs or bad weather risks. Your local AMF manager will help you with everything you need to succeed.


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Let your guests know when the fun will begin. Invite them using Evite, a tool that helps make planning quick and easy. Click on the button below to get started.


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Bowling fundraisers are fun and affordable.

Contact your local AMF Bowling Center for specific pricing details.

Why choose to host your fundraiser at AMF?

We make raising money fun, affordable and easy. Call us today to start planning and be the hero for your cause!

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How to plan

a fundraiser the AMF way



Pick a date and time to host your fundraising event. Get started!


Get our discounted rate that includes two hours of bowling plus shoe rental.


Charge each bowler an amount based on your fundraising goals.


Subtract the discounted fees from your total collected - your organization keeps the difference.